Smart Track Solutions

Smart Tracker - Fleet Management Software

Smart Tracker is an advanced fleet management software. It is flexible to work with any GPS devices or GPS trackers and can track any types of fleet vehicles like car, truck, bus, bike, etc. It is useful and intelligent vehicle tracking and maintenance software which is designed for all types of fleet industries like small, big, private or commercial. The GPS vehicle tracking system is useful for fleet maintenance, driver behaviour monitoring, improving vehicle efficiency, theft prevention, and more. It also offers features like on-time alert, multiple reports and charts with 24/7 reliable technical support.

Smart Tracker for School Bus

Priority of every school management is to provide better safety and security to the student while they are commuting from school to home and home to school. For this reason, it is important for schools to invest in a sound and secure transport management system. Smart Bus Tracker, the best school bus tracking software which is divided into three parts: Parents, Driver and School Management. It also works as a school bus management system where student safety is our main concern. Alert notification is available where you can easily manage all the activities related to scheduling, rescheduling, managing routes and pick up & drop location.


Smart Resource Tracker

Work productivity is the key to success in any business. Smart Resource tracker gives the opportunity to access task and a to-do list at any time, from anywhere. In short, it becomes your task manager and helps to manage work in real-time. Smart Resource tracker  helps you manage your entire field sales team by tracking their activities, travel, meetings, and more. It keeps you in the loop of everything you want to know and makes your field sales an efficient unit. Smart Resource tracker is a mobile Field Force Management Solution that helps manage your field operations in real-time. Smart Resource tracker provides visibility from “The Road to the Board” with features like jobs & scheduling, location & tracking, forms and more.


Smart Vehicle Tracker

Smart Vehicle Tracker is an effective GPS tracking solution for any vehicle renting company as it simplifies business processes with rent management and vehicle tracking at an affordable cost. The system tracks the rental time and maintains accurate billing. Moreover, invoice generation, departure and arrival monitoring, and many more amazing features are available with the Smart Vehicle Tracker software. This system is useful for on the spot vehicle renting.


Smart Transportation Management Tracker

Smart Transportation Management Tracker not only tracks your logistics or consignments but also useful for your asset tracking. It executes and controls the turnaround stream and capacity of merchandise. Our product creates opportunities for expanding global economy for transportation and distribution companies. It manages all the activity like transportation arrangements, inventory management, order entry, tour planning, fleet management and also provide the ocean, air as well as ground shipments consolidations.



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