City Surveillance

Cloud based ERP + Mobile App + IOT

Smart cities seek to implement information and communication technologies (ICT) in order to improve the efficiency and sustainability of urban spaces while reducing costs and resource consumption. In the context of surveillance, smart cities monitor citizens through strategically placed sensors around the urban landscape, which collect data regarding many different factors of urban living. From these sensors, data is transmitted, aggregated and analysed by governments and other local authorities in order to extrapolate information about the challenges the city faces in sectors such as crime prevention, traffic management, energy use and waste reduction.

A single citizen window mobile and web application is created, to facilitate better urban planning and allows governments to tailor their services to the local population to cater all the services instantly to citizens enabling tracking and monitoring the activities in real time.

  • Increase in Government Revenue
  • Mobile application for Citizens
  • Insant tracking life history of Various Services offered to citizens
  • Approvals, Workflows, Notifications, Alerts