Security Solutions

Smart Telematics has developed a number of applications for the US military, Homeland Security, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Coast Guard. In the security and surveillance enterprise market,Smart Telematics is developing technologies to enable smart cities through the widespread deployment of cameras.

The following products are currently available for the security market:

Security Video Analytics Engine (SMART)
• Intelligent Video Motion Detection
• Intrusion Detector
• Camera Tamper Detector
• People Counter
• Loitering
• Object Left
• Object Removed
• Vehicle Counter
• Line Crossing/Virtual Fence

Image Signal Processing Video Enhancements (SMART)
• Video Stabilizer
• Video Panorama/Mosaic
• Night Vision/De-Fog
• Video Enhancer

Face Recognition (VISIONARY)
• Face Detection
• Face Searching
• Face Recognition
• Watch List

License Plate Recognition (VISIONARY)
• License Plate Detection
• License Plate Searching
• License Plate Recognition
• License Plate Watch List

Video Search (VISIONARY)