Security Products and Camera Solutions

Face Recognition

Smart Telematics’s “Face Recognizer” product is a highly accurate Face Recognition solution that detects, recognizes, and records people’s faces that appear in a camera’s field of view. It identifies/verifies one or more persons in the scene using a stored database of faces. The product’s detection capability allows it to identify and extract human faces in a camera’s field of view and record them for future retrieval and forensic analysis. The product’s recognition capability allows it to search an existing database of faces and compare them with the faces detected in the scene to find a match. Face Recognizer detects “people of interest” and provides real-time alerts upon detecting certain faces in the scene.

Face Detector & Search (FDS) is an intelligent and powerful face detection, logging, and search solution.

FDS is a key tool for security professionals. Though video archiving solutions provide complete records of what happened in the scene, they do not allow for someone to quickly scan people present in the scene to shortlist, target, and identify potential miscreants.

FDS can identify and capture human faces from still images, live video, and pre-recorded video clips. The images are saved along with the camera identification and a time stamp for later review.

FDS can be deployed to improve security at government, commercial, and industrial sites. Service establishments such as banks, casinos, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants can use FDS to improve customer service and security.

License Plate Recognition

“License Plate Recognizer” is an intelligent and powerful License Plate Recognition, Detection, and Search solution. It has industry-leading accuracy and works with various camera types and archived video.

The License Plate Recognition product (LPR) is comprised of efficient and accurate analytical software capable of gathering valuable data from license plates. Despite variables such as movement and high speeds natural to the environment of vehicle monitoring, our product has performed and matured over years of application. Using still images or video feeds, Smart Telematics’s software can recognize and capture information located on license plates and automatically log this information for future examination. A real-time search can also be initiated to run on each plate detected, comparing the information gathered with a stored database of license plates.


Video Analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics can be deployed in various working environments such as:

Intelligent Video Motion Detection (iVMD)
Camera Temper Detection (CTD)
Intrusion Detection
Line Crossing
Object Left
Object Removed
Wrong Direction
Slip and Fall / Duress Detection
Person Running

Video Search & Summary

Video Summary is a fast and powerful application that reduces a long, archived video into a short, manageable video summary. Currently, security professionals go through a time-consuming human review of archived video in order to reconstruct events from an archived video. Video Summary reduces the time required to analyze the same archived video by removing unnecessary video data. In most scenes, a majority of the archived video contains just a static background without any people, vehicles, or objects of interest. Video Summary quickly analyzes the video and removes the static background data while retaining the relevant data. This provides an advantage to security professionals by allowing them to quickly review hours of archived video in minutes. Video Summary can receive video input from many different types of video archives recorded on DVRs, NVRs, or video management systems. It can also provide real-time video summaries on live video feeds from analog, digital, or IP/network cameras.


Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS)

ITS – Transportation solutions have been deployed in a number of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and parking applications. In many of these applications the camera, combined with Smart Telematics’s Video Analytics, is being used to replace more expensive traditional equipment systems such as traffic light vehicle detection and counting using inductive loops embedded in the road. Smart Telematics’s ITS and Parking Video Analytics suites are being used for city transport and parking applications as well as ports of transport such as airports, shipping ports, and other mass transport applications.

Retail Analytics

Lady pushing a shopping cart in the supermarket.

Offers a complete suite of video-based products, solutions and analytics for the retail environment. Retailers add significant value in the distribution of goods and services; the ability to provide this value consistently across multiple retail channels is vital for success. Brick and mortar locations make up the primary channel of many retailers. Until recently, physical locations relied on archaic methods of data generation that missed key components of the in-store customer experience. Managing product, services and staff on a large scale while adjusting to consumer demands can be difficult without timely and up-to-date information. We provide a number of services that can deliver the needed information to streamline decisions and create more value for the customer.


Smart Home Analytics

In the same way that the mobile phone evolved from being a telephone device to being a smartphone, Smart Telematics is developing the technologies that are turning the camera into a smart camera to create the “Brains Behind the Eyes.” At the heart of this evolution is the ability to process, recognize, and act on recognizable objects and real-time events. In essence, we are adding the “Brains Behind the Eyes” that is creating the smart camera market for the smart home.

The smart home market covers the Internet of Things (IoT), consumer wearables, health, and asset monitoring. In all of these applications, the most popular sensor is the video camera. Smart Telematics’s intelligent video analytics and recognition suites, or custom versions of these, are used extensively in this market.

Our software analytic libraries are simply installed during manufacturing. The end user is able to customize their alerts, being notified when an event of their choosing occurs, thereby minimizing false alerts. This addition of analytics in the camera also eliminates the need to record video 24/7. Recording can be programmed to occur only when an event occurs. In addition, the user can be immediately notified and can then view the event whenever convenient.

Using Smart Telematics’s VISIONARY analytics a number of customized analytics packages for the camera’s intended market and based on the camera’s hardware capabilities have been deployed. This offers camera manufacturers the ability to offer a unique, “value add” camera, based solely on the software. Below is a representative grouping of our analytics for various target markets in the smart home/IoT market.